About Us

Morad Ali Rahmani entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Rahmani Holding (R&H Co.) and real estate investor.

About Rahmani Holding Group (R&H Co.) specializing in construction, consulting and investment in real estate as well as global investment. Rahmani's company (R&H Co.) other activities include the import and export of special goods, including aluminum, medical supplies, medicine, and… Mr. Morad Ali Rahmani's strategic vision for Rahmani's company (R&H Co.) has made it a top-tier investment force with investments of over billions of euros. The company is very selective about the assets and projects it invests in, which makes it a very reputable group that only works with the best in the industry and its ideas are considered very valuable by the company's customers.
  • Strategic Thinking80%
  • Team building in the field of entrepreneurship100%
  • Field Employment90%
Rahmani Holding (R&H Co.) Activities

1- Investment and selling residential and commercial projects in Hungary, Spain, Monaco and....

2- Paying loans to buy property in some EU cities in Berlin, Marbella, Barcelona, Budapest and Monaco. (without bank intervention).

3- Production and sale of aluminum profiles.

4- Construction and execution of doors and windows and all kinds of aluminum and glass facades.

5- Establishment of a charity to help the underprivileged in Hungary.

6- Import and export of all goods, including aluminum, medical supplies, medicine, .....

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